Sony PSP (Minis)


  • Cores:
    • PPSSPPSDL (standalone) (default)
    • PPSSPP
  • Paths:
    • /roms/psp
    • /roms/pspminis
  • Supported Extensions: .cso .pbp .iso

PSP Minis

PSP Minis are downloadable games for the PSP. A seperate folder is provided for convenience so that they don’t clutter up your PSP library.

Community Maintained Game Compatibility Table

Please update this table with your findings and any settings you applied beyond the usual frameskip to make a game playable. No need to document games that are already working well.

Game Core/Emulator Config Comments
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together PPSSPPSDL Buffered Rendering=1
Block transfer effects=0
Frame skipping=2
Auto frameskip=1
Force Max FPS 60
CPU clock=0
Playable; Gameplay is almost glitchless, the only downside is on certain cutscenes which drop FPS to around 15-30fps and the game intro/player creation, these problems does not happen with the stock firmware, beyond that it’s stable.