Nintendo Virtual Boy


  • Cores:
    • beetle_vb (default)
  • Path(s): virtualboy
  • Supported Extensions: .vb .zip .7z
  • Bios: None

Playing in 3D

The Virtual Boy emulator supports a number of different 3D view modes. The 3D mode can be changed by going into the RA Quick Menu > Options > 3D Mode.

Analglyph mode is the tradition mode for 3D glasses with two different color lenses. It’s the default 3D mode, but to actually activate it you’ll need to go into the RA Quick Menu > Options > Analyglyph Preset and choose the colors of your 3D glasses.

The other mode that you can try if you’re good at and enjoy magic eye pictures is side-by-side. This places the two eye pictures next to each other, and you can cross your eyes to combine them into a single three dimensional picture. This has the disadvantage of making the actual picture very small, and also of possibly causing short term eye strain and headaches. It might be worth trying for a few minutes as a novelty though.