Sega Mega Drive/Genesis (And Addons)

The Sega Mega Drive was released as the Genesis in North America. It has a CD addon called the Mega-CD, or the Sega CD in North America. It also had a 32 bit addon called the 32X.

MD Overview

  • Cores:
    • genesis_plus_gx (default)
    • genesis_plus_gx_wide
    • picodrive
  • Paths:
    • megadrive
    • megadrive-japan
    • genesis
    • genh (hacks)
  • Supported Extensions: .gen .bin .md .sg .smd .zip .7z
  • Bios: Optional
  • Libretro Documentation:

CD Overview

  • Cores:
    • genesis_plus_gx (default)
    • picodrive
  • Paths:
    • megacd
    • segacd
  • Supported Extensions: .chd .cue .iso .m3u
  • Bios: Required
  • Libretro Documentation:

32X Overview

  • Cores:
    • picodrive (default)
  • Paths:
    • sega32x
  • Supported Extensions: .32x .bin .md .smd .zip .7z
  • Bios: None
  • Libretro Documentation:

32X + CD Games

There are six games that required both the 32X and the Mega-CD. These games are: Corpse Killer, Fahrenheit, Night Trap, Slam City with Scottie Pippen, Supreme Warrior, and Surgical Strike.

These games are released on a CD medium, and should be put in the megacd or segacd folder so that they show up correctly, since they use CD style ROMs.

You’ll need to change the emulator for these games to picodrive, as genesis_plus_gx does not support 32X games correctly.


BIOS files are required for the Mega-CD/Sega CD. Please use the following BIOS files:

BIOS md5
bios_CD_E.bin e66fa1dc5820d254611fdcdba0662372
bios_CD_U.bin 2efd74e3232ff260e371b99f84024f7f
bios_CD_J.bin 278a9397d192149e84e820ac621a8edd

BIOS files for the Mega Drive/Genesis are optional.

BIOS md5
bios_MD.bin 45e298905a08f9cfb38fd504cd6dbc84
sk.bin 4ea493ea4e9f6c9ebfccbdb15110367e
sk2chip.bin b4e76e416b887f4e7413ba76fa735f16
areplay.bin a0028b3043f9d59ceeb03da5b073b30d
ggenie.bin e8af7fe115a75c849f6aab3701e7799b