Entex Adventure Vision


  • Core: mame
  • Path(s): advision
  • Supported Extensions: .bin .zip .7z
  • BIOS: Required


The Entex Adventure Vision requires the BIOS file advision.zip from the current version of the MAME romset. The bios can be added to /roms/bios or /roms/bios/mame. Alternately, if you already have a full MAME romset in /roms/mame, the bios can be read from that folder.

BIOS md5
advision.zip 1c08606408029751fd30ac91d2bf30d5


This exciting game uses the latest Entex Electronics technology, and a slight amount of flicker may be noticed during game play. This is normal and to be expected.

For best game play, use in a darkened room. Should not be used in areas lighted by fluorescent fixtures.

When switching game from ON, to OFF, and back ON again, allow a few seconds in the OFF position, to permit the microprocessor time to reset; otherwise, the screen will appear completely red.

source: Adventure Vision caution sticker, via Handheld Games Museum