• A native emulator for ScummVM
  • Emulator/Core: ScummVM (Stand Alone)
  • Path(s):
    • games should be stored in /roms/scummvm/games
    • settings will be stored in /roms/gamedata/scummvm
  • Supported Extensions: .sh .svm .scummvm


  1. Add a folder for each game you want to play under /roms/scummvm/games
    • Check the ScummVM Wiki for each game to confirm you have the correct files for each
    • For example: if you want to to add the game “Beneath a Steel Sky
      • Create a folder under /roms/scummvm/games/ called “Beneath A Steel Sky” (i.e. /roms/scummvm/games/Beneath A Steel Sky)
      • Add the required files to that new folder (i.e. SKY.CPT, sky.dnr,
  2. Display the ScummVM system in EmulationStation
    • Open the menu while in EmulationStation (i.e. Press Start)
    • Select Game Collection Settings
    • Select Systems Displayed
    • Check ScummVM
  3. Generate .scummvm files for your games
    • Scroll to the ScummVM system in EmulationStation
    • Run _Scan ScummVM
    • When that complete you will see a list of your games displayed