Atari 5200


  • Cores:
    • a5200 (default)
    • atari800
  • Path: atari5200
  • Supported Extensions: .rom .xfd .atr .atx .cdm .cas .car .bin .a52 .xex .zip .7z
  • Bios: Required
  • Documentation:


Only the 5200.rom is required for the a5200 emulator, but the other BIOS files are required by atari800, so it’s recommended that you have all of these bios files.

BIOS md5
5200.rom 281f20ea4320404ec820fb7ec0693b38
ATARIXL.ROM 06daac977823773a3eea3422fd26a703
ATARIBAS.ROM 0bac0c6a50104045d902df4503a4c30b
ATARIOSA.ROM eb1f32f5d9f382db1bbfb8d7f9cb343a
ATARIOSB.ROM a3e8d617c95d08031fe1b20d541434b2