Nintendo Game Boy (Color)

GB Overview

GBC Overview

  • Cores:
    • gambatte (default)
    • sameboy
    • gearboy
    • tgbdual
    • mgba
    • vbam
  • Paths:
    • gbc
    • gbch (Convenience folder for romhacks)
  • Supported Extensions: .gbc .gb .zip .7z
  • Bios: Optional
  • Libretro Documentation:


BIOS files are optional, and mostly serve to show the Game Boy or Game Boy logo on boot.

BIOS md5
gb_bios.bin 32fbbd84168d3482956eb3c5051637f5
gbc_bios.bin dbfce9db9deaa2567f6a84fde55f9680
sgb_bios.bin d574d4f9c12f305074798f54c091a8b4