FinalBurn Neo


  • Cores:
    • fbneo (default)
    • mame2003_plus
    • fbalpha2012
    • fbalpha2019
    • mame2010
    • mame2015
    • mame2016
    • mame
  • Path(s): fbneo
  • Supported Extensions: .zip .7z

ROM Sets

We currently only recommend the current FBNeo ROMset for use. FBNeo titles tend to work well on both the RG351 and the RG552. FBAlpha 2012 and 2019 are included in case there’s a specific game that has performance issues under FBNeo, though we cannot recommend using them unless you want to get really into arcade emulation and have a very specific need for them.

FBNeo Dat Files

Please see the Arcade page for more information on creating romsets.