Microsoft MSX & MSX2


  • Cores:
    • bluemsx (default)
    • fmsx
  • Paths:
    • msx
    • msx2
  • Supported Extensions: .dsk .mx1 .mx2 .rom .zip .7z .m3u
  • Bios: Required + Optional
  • Documentation:


blueMSX (default)

BlueMSX requires two folders, ‘Databases’ and ‘Machines’, that are available from the zip for the full version of blueMSX for windows. Go to the blueMSX Download Page. Ignore the radio select and “Download” button, and click on the link labled, where YYY is the current version number. Unzip the file and move the ‘Databases’ and ‘Machines’ folders to the /roms/bios folder on your ROMs card.


The following BIOS files are required for fMSX.

BIOS md5
MSX.ROM 364a1a579fe5cb8dba54519bcfcdac0d
MSX2.ROM ec3a01c91f24fbddcbcab0ad301bc9ef
MSX2EXT.ROM 2183c2aff17cf4297bdb496de78c2e8a
MSX2P.ROM 847cc025ffae665487940ff2639540e5
MSX2PEXT.ROM 7c8243c71d8f143b2531f01afa6a05dc

The following BIOS files are optional for fMSX.

BIOS md5
DISK.ROM 80dcd1ad1a4cf65d64b7ba10504e8190
FMPAC.ROM 6f69cc8b5ed761b03afd78000dfb0e19
MSXDOS2.ROM 6418d091cd6907bbcf940324339e43bb
PAINTER.ROM 403cdea1cbd2bb24fae506941f8f655e
KANJI.ROM febe8782b466d7c3b16de6d104826b34