Epoch Game Pocket Computer


  • Core: mame
  • Path(s): gamepocketcomputer
  • Supported Extensions: .bin .zip .7z
  • BIOS: Required


The Epoch Game Pocket Computer requires the BIOS file gamepock.zip from the current version of the MAME romset. The bios can be added to /roms/bios or /roms/bios/mame. Alternately, if you already have a full MAME romset in /roms/mame, the bios can be read from that folder.

BIOS md5
gamepock.zip 887479fe3c69a0b935c57a7a738e26c4

Built in Games

The Game Pocket Computer comes with a built in game and a paint application that are accessible when launching the system without a cartridge. The game is called Puzzle Game, and the paint program is called Graphics Function. They can be accessed by creating a dummy cartridge file. To do this, create an empty .bin file in your roms/gameking directory. For example, you can create an empty file called Puzzle Game + Graphics Function.bin.

Once you’ve started the Game Pocket Computer with an empty game, you can switch between the Graphics Function and the Puzzle game by pressing Select.