Build Engine


  • Emulators:
    • raze (Standalone) (Default)
  • Path(s):
    • build
  • Supported Extensions: .build


In order to play Build Engine games, you’ll need the game files from the commercial games. For the most part, these can be purchased on GOG or Steam. You’ll want to move the .GRP files into subfolders of the build directory in your ROMS folder. You’ll also need to create your own .build files. These function as frontend files to point toward the GRP you want to play.

Sample directory tree:

├── duke3d/
│   └── DUKE3D.GRP
├── sw/
│   ├── sw/
|   |   └── SW.GRP
│   ├── td/
|   |   └── TD.GRP
│   ├── wt/
|   |   └── WT.GRP
│   ├── track02.ogg
│   ├── track04.ogg
│   └── track...
├── Duke Nukem
├── Shadow
├── Twin
└── Wanton

How to create a .build file

The .build file is a simple text file that contains a PATH variable and an optional GRP variable. The PATH variable should point toward the subdirectory that contains all the files for the game you want to play. The GRP variable is unnecessary if a game contains only a single GRP file; in that case the correct file will be found automatically. Some games have multiple GRP files that represent the base game and different expansions. You’ll need a separate .build file for each expansion, and the GRP variable points it toward the correct expansion


Content of Duke Nukem

-- end of file --

Content of Shadow

-- end of file --

Content of Twin

-- end of file --