• This emulator supports arcade and home LaserDisc games. It supports both Daphne games and Singe games
  • Emulator/Core: Hypseus-Singe
  • Path: /roms/laserdisc
  • Extensions: .ld, .daphne


Hypseus-Singe supports two different game formats: Daphne and Singe. Each of these formats has different games that they support. Daphne is emulation, and uses a rom dump of the arcade machine to function. Singe is simulation, and combines video files with LUA code to simulate the machines.

The Daphne format is a little more complicated to use, and requires a rom file that goes in the laserdisc/roms directory and a .daphne folder that contains resources for Daphne configuration.

The Singe format is more self-contained, and requires a .ld folder that contains all the resources that the game requires to run.

Daphne Games

The guide above is mostly accurate to Hypseus-Singe, but the sound directory is no longer required. For any Daphne game, you only need the rom file (usually a .zip file) in the roms/laserdisc/roms folder, and a .daphne folder in the roms/laserdisc folder.

Singe Games

Hypseus-Singe supports games in the Singe 1 format. The game folders need to be set up in a specific way, so it’s easiest to use roms that were built specifically to be used with Hypseus Singe. DirtBagXon, the creator of Hypseus Singe, curates Singe folders that are built specifically for the emulator.

Singe games come in a single game folder that contains one or more .singe files, a .txt file and .cfg file, various image and sound files, and a .m2v video and .ogg audio file. It’s important that the folder name match the primary .singe file name. For example, if the .singe file is called maddog.singe, the game folder must be called maddog.ld.

If you already have a complete game folder for hypseus singe that contains the .m2v and .ogg files required, simply add .ld to the end of the folder name, double check to make sure that the primary .singe file matches the .ld game folder name, and add it to the /roms/laserdisc folder.

Some Singe games have HD versions. It’s recommended that you get the regular version instead; even the RG552 is not up to the task of running HD Singe games. Fan games also tend to be taxing, and may not play at full speed.

Since singe games are simulations rather than emulation, the code, resources, and metadata for the games are copy-left and freely available. The video and audio of the games are still copyrighted by the original rights holders and must be provided separately. The open source data for the games can be downloaded from the hypseus_singe_data repository. It’s distributed as a single package for all the available games, with each game having its own game folder. To play a game, you’ll need to add your own .m2v video and .ogg audio files. If you have the original hardware, you can rip the video from the laserdisc to a .mp4 file, and then follow the instructions in the file found in the game folder. Once you have your game folder set up with .m2v and .ogg files, simply add .ld to the end of each game folder that you want to use and add it to the /roms/laserdisc folder.

Action Max Games

Action Max games are not currently supported.

Singe 2 Game Conversion

While Singe 2 games are currently not supported, it is possible to convert a Singe 2 game to Singe 1 format. Instructions for this conversion can be found on the Using Singe games with Hypseus Singe discussion.

All or almost all Singe 2 games have been converted to work with Hypseus Singe. Versions of the game that have undergone this conversion are usually called “xxx for hypseus singe”.


Game Daphne Singe Folder Name Controls Release Type Developer
Altered Carbon   carbon.ld   Fangame Mazinger4life
Asterix   asterix.ld   Fangame Nado74
Astron Belt   astron.daphne   Arcade Sega
Badlands   badlands.daphne   Arcade Konami/Centuri
Bega’s Battle   bega.daphne   Arcade Data East
Cliff Hanger Daphne: cliff.daphne
Singe: cliff.ld
  Arcade Stern ELECtronics
Cobra Command   cobra.daphne   Arcade Data East
Crime Patrol   crimepatrol.ld   Arcade American Laser Games
Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars   drugwars.ld   Arcade American Laser Games
Conan the Boy in the Future   conan.ld   Fangame Poiu
Daitarn 3   daitarn.ld   Fangame Poiu
Dragon Trainer   dragon.ld   Fangame Poiu
Dragon’s Lair   lair.daphne Directions: Move
A: Sword
Arcade Cinematronics
Dragon’s Lair II : Timewarp   lair2.daphne Directions: Move
A: Sword
Arcade The Leland Corporation
Dragon’s Lair II : Timewarp (enhanced)   dl2e.ld Directions: Move
A: Sword
Arcade The Leland Corporation
Dragon’s Lair TV Show   dltv.ld   Fangame Poiu
Esh’s Aurunmilla   esh.daphne   Arcade Funai
Fire and Ice   fireandice.ld   Fangame Karis
Freedom Fighter   freedomfighter.ld   Arcade Millenium Games Products
Galaxy Ranger   galaxyr.daphne   Arcade Sega
GP World   gpworld.daphne   Arcade Sega
Interstellar   interstellar.daphne   Arcade Funai
Last Bounty Hunter, The   lbh.ld   Arcade American Laser Games
M.A.C.H. 3   mach3.ld   Arcade Mylstar/Gottlieb
Mad Dog McCree   maddog.ld X: Shoot
A: Reload
Arcade American Laser Games
Mad Dog McCree 2   maddog2.ld X: Shoot
A: Reload
Arcade American Laser Games
Ninja Hayate   hayate.ld   Arcade Taito
Platoon   platoon.ld   Prototype Poiu (Reconstruction)
Princess Mononoke   mononoke.ld   Fangame Karis
Puss in Boots   pussinboots.ld   Fangame Poiu
Road Blaster   rb.daphne   Arcade Data East
Samurai Jack   jack.ld   Fangame Poiu
Space Ace   ace.daphne   Arcade Cinematronics
Space Pirates   spacepirates.ld   Arcade American Laser Games
Star Blazers   starblazers.ld   Arcade Taito
Sucker Punch   suckerpunch.ld   Fangame Karis
Super Don Quixote   sdq.daphne   Arcade Universal
Thayer’s Quest   tq.daphne   Arcade RDI Video Systems
Time Gal   timegal.ld   Arcade Taito
Time Traveler 3D   timetraveler.ld   Arcade Sega
Titan AE   titanae.ld   Fangame Karis
Triad Stone/Chantze’s Stone (aka Strahl)   triad.ld   LaserActive Data East
Tron   tron.ld   Fangame Karis
Us vs Them   uvt.daphne   Arcade Mylstar/Gottlieb
Who Shot Johnny Rock?   johnnyrock.ld   Arcade American Laser Games


In-Game Console
Coin Select
Start Start
Button 1 A
Button 2 B
Button 3 X
Test L1
Pause L2
Console R2
Service R1