Download AmberELEC

WARNING: You must download the correct version of AmberELEC for your device

Version: 20230203 Panda Conspiracy

Fresh Install

To install AmberELEC, please follow the instructions on the Installation page.

Download Arrow RG351P/M Download Download Arrow RG351V Download Download Arrow RG351MP Download Download Arrow RG552 Download

Updating from a previous version

To update from a previous version of AmberELEC, download the update .tar file below for your device and place it in your GAMES/update folder. For more detailed instructions, please see the Upgrade Instructions.

Download Upgrade Arrow RG351P/M Upgrade Download Download Upgrade Arrow RG351V Upgrade Download Download Upgrade Arrow RG351MP Upgrade Download Download Upgrade Arrow RG552 Upgrade Download


All downloads on this page are for the current stable version of AmberELEC. If you’d like to test out the latest changes and give feedback, you can download the pre-release version of AmberELEC. Please note that the pre-release is unstable and may crash and break. Because of that, you shouldn’t use the pre-release for daily use unless you’re comfortable taking that risk. For more information and instructions on how to install the pre-release, please see the Pre-Release Build Instructions.