Recommended Tools

Zip & GZ Compression and Unzipping

SD Card Repair

Image Writers

File Transfer

CHD Files

  • chdman - A command line tool to create chds. The latest version of chdman.exe can be found in the latest zip version of MAME
  • namDHC - A frontend for chdman. Requires chdman.exe

For more details on converting to CHD, please see the Converting to CHD section.

Collection Management



  • Romcenter - Romcenter is a GUI driven tool for curating ROM sets. It allows you to load in XML dat files and rebuild your collection into your preferred romset structure. It is a little simpler to get started with than clrmamepro
  • clrmamepro - clrmamepro is the standard tool for managing ROM sets. It is very powerful, but also a bit hard to get started with
  • JRomManager - A rom manager written entirely in Java. Can be used on OSX and Linux
  • ROMLister - ROMLister is a tool to filter ROM sets based on a wide variety of ROM metadata