Enlist in the Panda Conspiracy

The Panda Conspiracy has come to AmberELEC, and it brings with it a cabal of new cores and emulators. There are new high accuracy emulators for the RG552, including several bsnes cores and mesen cores. There are new fantasy consoles to explore like WASM-4, LowRes NX, and CHIP-8, as well as built in support for PICO-8 games. There’s now support for the Epoch Super Cassette Vision, the Videoton TVC, the Enterprise 64/128 and the Z-Machine engine. ScummVM has improved support for finding and loading games, and AmberELEC is more stable than ever. All of that comes with the usual emulator upgrades. New features and options are around every corner. Come join the conspiracy!

You can download it from the Download Page. Make sure you download the correct version for your device.

If you want to know all the new cool features, take a look at the Release Notes!

About AmberELEC

AmberELEC is an open source firmware developed for the Anbernic RG351P/M/V/MP and RG552.

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Getting Help

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