• Cores:
    • mame2003_plus (default)
    • AdvanceMame
    • mame2000
    • mame2010
    • mame2015
    • mame2016
    • mame
    • fbneo
    • fbalpha2012
    • fbalpha2019
  • Path(s): mame, arcade
  • Supported Extensions: .zip .7z

ROM Sets

We support a variety of MAME romsets for greater compatibility and performance. Some romsets based on later versions of MAME don’t run as well on the RG351, so it’s generally advised that you use the mame2003_plus romset and emulator where possible. Other romsets may run decently on the RG552, and experimentation may be worthwhile, but you’ll always have the best performance from the mame2003_plus romset.

Recommended emulators and ROM Sets

  • mame2003_plus: An expanded MAME 0.78 compatible romset, referred to as the MAME 2003-Plus romset. Recommended for all games supported by this set. Complete Mame2003 Plus XML Dat File
  • mame2010: An expanded MAME 0.139 compatible romset, referred to as the MAME 2010 romset. Games in this romset that aren’t present in mame2003_plus will probably not run well on the RG351 Complete Mame 2010 XML Dat File
  • mame: The current mame running on the current romset. This is MAME 0.266 at the moment. Dat files for mainline MAME can be found at MAME Dats & XML Repository

Other emulator versions/romsets are included in case they have slightly better compatibility or performance, but are not recommended unless you want to get really into arcade emulation.

Please see the Arcade page for more information on creating romsets.