• An engine that plays RPG Maker 2000, RPG Maker 2003, and EasyRPG games
  • Emulator/Core: Retroarch/EasyRPG
  • Path(s):
    • games should be stored in /roms/easyrpg
  • Supported Extensions: .zip .easyrpg .ldb


If you’re connected to the internet, EasyRPG will download its bios files automatically on first launch.

If you don’t have an internet connection, please follow these instructions.

  1. Go to the RPG Maker RTP Download Page
  2. At the bottom of the page, download the RTP for both RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003
  3. Unzip the rpg2003_rtp_inststaller.zip file
  4. Rename both .exe files to end with .7z instead. You should have rpg2000_rtp_installer.7z and rpg2003_rtp_installer.7z
  5. Unzip the two 7z files using 7zip or another archive program that can extract 7zip files
  6. Create a folder called rtp
  7. Rename the folder rpg2000_rtp_installer to 2000, and the folder rpg2003_rtp_installer to 2003 and put them inside the rtp folder
  8. Copy the rtp folder into your AmberELEC bios folder (/storage/roms/bios, or GAMES/bios)