Microsoft DOS


  • Cores:
    • dosbox_pure (default)
    • dosbox_svn
  • Path(s): pc
  • Supported Extensions: .dosz, disk images (iso, cue, img, ima, vhd) can be put into the .dosz


The default DOS emulator is now DOSBox Pure. The process of adding games that you own to DOSBox Pure is very simple, here is an example with One Must Fall 2097:

  • On your PC open the game folder, in our example the “OMF” folder.
  • Select all of the files and zip them creating “”.
  • Rename the freshly created “” into “Game Name.dosz”, for example “One Must Fall 2097.dosz”.
  • On your device place the game into the “pc” folder on your games partition.
  • Press Start, select Games Settings, and then Update Games Lists.
  • Once you are back in EmulationStation press Start and select Scrape to scape your game metadata.
  • Play!

WARNING: Windows defaults to hiding file extensions. Please make sure that you turn off “hide file extensions” in Windows to make sure that it isn’t leaving a hidden .zip at the end of your .dosz file.