Philips CD-i



The bios file can be obtained from a modern MAME romset. It should be put in this folder /roms/bios/same_cdi/bios/.

The file should contain zx405037p__cdi_servo_2.1__b43t__llek9215.mc68hc705c8a_withtestrom.7201 and zx405042p__cdi_slave_2.0__b43t__zzmk9213.mc68hc705c8a_withtestrom.7206, if not you got an old (unsupported) version of

There are also two optional files, and (the file extension may also be .7z).

ROM Sets

The CD-i uses chd images compatible with MAME 0.239.

Digital Video Cartridge games

The same_cdi core does currently not support DVC (Digital Video Cartridge) games.