Nintendo N64


  • Emulators/Cores:
    • Retroarch
      • parallel_n64
      • mupen64plus_next
    • Retrorun
      • parallel_n64
    • Mupen64Plus Stand Alone
      • mupen64plussa_glide64mk2
      • mupen64plussa_rice (default)
  • Path(s): /roms/n64
  • Supported Extensions: .z64, .n64, .v64 .zip .7z
  • Bios: None


Control Configuration

N64 Button RG Button
Dpad R Dpad R
Dpad L Dpad L
Dpad U Dpad U
Dpad D Dpad D
Z Trig L2
R Trig R1
L Trig L1
C-Right R2+A
C-Left R2+Y
C-Up R2+X
C-Down R2+B
Start Start

Mupen64Plus SA

AmberELEC includes the Mupen64Plus standalone emulator as mupen64plussa. In order to use it, go into the Advanced Game Options or Advanced System Options and change the Emulator to either mupen64plussa/m64p_gl64mk2 or mupen64plussa/m64p_rice.

Mupen64Plus SA Options

Mupen64Plus SA now supports 4:3 aspect resolution for the RG351P/M and the RG552, and this has been made the default. Fullscreen display is still available for those who want it.

Video Plugins

Mupen64Plus SA supports two different video plugins: Glide64mk2 and Rice. These plugins are included on the system as cores, and you can choose between them when you select mupen64plussa as your emulator. In general, Glide64 has better accuracy and Rice has better performance, but you may notice visual glitches or incompatibilities with either of them. It’s recommended to try using Rice, and then to fall back to Glide if you have issues.

Control Configuration

There are now multiple controller configurations that can be selected from the ES configuration menu.

N64 Button Default Rstick-C
Dpad R Dpad R Dpad R
Dpad L Dpad L Dpad L
Dpad U Dpad U Dpad U
Dpad D Dpad D Dpad D
Z Trig L1 L1
R Trig R1 R1
L Trig R3/Z R3/Z
C-Right R2 Right Stick R
C-Left L2 Right Stick L
C-Up X Right Stick U
C-Down A Right Stick D
Start Start Start

You can also set the controller configuration to “Custom”, and the system will read the controller configuration from GAMES/gamedata/mupen64plussa/custominput.ini. This file only contains entries for the P/M/V layout and MP/552 layout instead of thousands of unused entries, so it should be a little less confusing to edit. The previous InputAutoCfg.ini file is no longer supported. If you don’t see a custominput.ini file, please launch MupenPlusSA once and it should auto generate.

The [OpenSimHardware OSH PB Controller] section is the controller configuration for the P, M, and V, and the [GO-Super Gamepad] section is the controller configuration for the MP and 552. By editing this section, you can change the button assignments that Mupen uses. To find out the button codes, please see the Buttons Reference.


Mupen standalone only has a few hotkeys. They’re listed below.

Hotkey Button Combo
Quit Select + Start
Save State Select + R1
Load State Select + L1
Pause Emulation Select + A